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B&CO is as much about our people as it is our clients. By fostering an environment of support and instilling the right business culture we ensure the full potential of the team is realised.

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We are known for our excellent service, which is a result of our highly qualified and driven people. We work hard to ensure that our team are friendly, motivated and a pleasure to work with.
Chris Blackburn,
Managing Director

Great buildings start with great people.

We are a team of passionate and proactive people, we believe great work begins with happy people and ends with happy clients.



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    Francesca Gallagher

    Operations Director
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    Don Findlater

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    Matt Innes

  • B&CO

    Chris Blackburn

    Managing Director
  • B&CO

    Sarah Peacock

    Senior Project Coordinator
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    George Martin

  • B&CO

    Jon Bryant

    Senior Director
  • B&CO

    Jack Emmins

  • B&CO

    Richard Hitch

    Senior Director
  • B&CO

    Andrew Kelland

  • B&CO

    Seb Brettell

  • B&CO

    Teni Olokesusi

    Project Manager
  • B&CO

    Jonny Scott

    Senior Project Manager
  • B&CO

    Emily Dickenson

    Project Coordinator
  • B&CO

    Neil Fleming

    Senior Project Manager
  • B&CO

    Lois Bell

    Assistant Project Manager
  • B&CO

    Ollie Scott

    Senior Project Manager
  • B&CO

    Louis Careford

    Project Manager
  • B&CO

    Mark Dedman

    Senior Director
  • B&CO

    Owen Walrond

    Project Manager
  • B&CO

    Rob Thornton-Smith

    Senior Project Manager
  • B&CO

    Kris Allen

  • B&CO

    Cameron Rae

    Senior Project Manger
  • B&CO

    Ellie Burton

    Office Manager
  • B&CO

    Liam Campbell

    Apprentice Project Manager
  • B&CO

    Harry Maslin

    Apprentice Project Manager
“I know you can be underwhelmed, and you can be overwhelmed, but can you ever just be, like, whelmed?”

Francesca is the Business Operations Director at B&CO, responsible for overseeing the day-to-day functions of our operational teams, ensuring that our legal, finance, PM relations, communications, and business development teams reach their maximum potential. Having been with the company for over 8 years, Francesca continues to contribute to the overall success and growth of the business, leading us from 8 employees in 2015, to 30 in 2023.

Email: francesca@blackburnltd.com

Phone: 07875 096 053


“You have to believe. Otherwise, it will never happen.”

Don has over 10 years’ experience in the construction industry in central London, having previously been working in Architectural practice prior to moving into the world of Project Management.

Don prides himself as a ‘hands-on’ Project Manager, and is never afraid to get involved in detailed problem solving. He takes a proactive lead in B&CO’s Graduate and Apprenticeship schemes, as well actively participating in our wider ESG policy.

Email: donald@blackburnltd.com

Phone: 07932 432 023

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

Matt is a Director and Chartered RICS professional with over 10 years’ experience in the construction industry. Matt joined B&CO in 2017 and has successfully led and delivered several complex schemes across Central London, including the prestigious fit out of Eataly, and the development of the Featherstone Building for Derwent London. He has a genuine passion for delivering challenging projects and working with teams to create exciting spaces.

Email: matt@blackburnltd.com

Phone: 07718 376 683

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.”

As Managing Director of B&CO Chris’ role has developed over time but remains firmly focused on delivering the highest quality of service for our clients and ensuring the team are supported in their role in delivering the projects. Chris remains the key client contact to many of our longstanding clients, and remains in the detail of all projects he works on, whilst maintaining strategic oversight. Chris’ mantra is that whilst being the best at what you do is important, doing it your way and ensuring you have fun along the way are essential.

Email: chris@blackburnltd.com

Phone: 07817 746 531


“There is no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid answers!”

Originally from a Building Surveying background and with over 6 year’s experience working in the construction industry, Sarah now leads the project coordinator team at B&CO. Sarah trains and monitors the team to ensure our meticulous standards are maintained consistently across all projects.

Email: sarah@blackburnltd.com

Phone: 07305 970 909


“As a great philosopher once said, if you want the rainbow, you’ve got to put up with the rain!”

George joined B&CO in 2015, and over his time at the company has successfully delivered a wide range of complex refurbishment and fit out projects – inclusive of several legal firms, hedge funds and technology companies. He has a passion for his work and thrives being part of complex schemes.

Having worked with a variety of clients and over 10 years experience in the construction industry, George prides himself on building strong, working relationships, which is the key to project success.

Email: george@blackburnltd.com

Phone: 07496 394 885

“Don’t promise what you cant deliver and always keep your promises. Keep things simple and never panic. That’s my mantra and what I seek from others.”

As one of the business owners, Jon spans across a broad range of projects, striving to deliver, meet his commitments, and overcome challenges to get a balanced and best outcome for our clients.

Having qualified as a Building Surveyor, Jon previously worked at Landsec on their portfolio surveying team, prior to joining B&CO in 2010.

Email: jon@blackburnltd.com

Phone: 07834 273 864

“Great things can happen when you don’t care who gets the credit.”

Jack joined B&CO in 2017 having previously worked as a Project Manager at Turner & Townsend, and APS Consultancy. Having become a Director in 2021, and as one of the team leaders, Jack has since taken a leading role on personal development for the team at B&CO, notably on the RICS APC process, boasting a 100% success rate taking candidates through to their Chartership.

Email: jack@blackburnltd.com

Phone: 07763 053 673

“It’s good to work hard and good to work smart…but better if you can do both.”

Richard is one of the business owners and Chartered RICS professional with over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry. Following successful spells at both Drivers Jonas, and Watts, Richard has now been responsible for the delivery of many complex projects throughout his time at B&CO. Richard adopts a flexible, hands on, collaborative approach and seeks to get the best out of people he works with. Richard is also heavily invested in B&CO’s sustainability agenda, and our ongoing commitment for net zero operations in the near future, as well as B Corp accreditation.

Email: richard@blackburnltd.com

Phone: 07841 879 330

“If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.”

With over a decade of experience within the construction industry, specifically his own construction company in Devon, Andrew joined B&CO after retraining in Project Management back in 2020. Andrew, or ‘AK’, deploys his extensive and invaluable construction knowledge to the benefit of all his projects. AK has been a chartered member of the RICS since 2020.

Email: andrew@blackburnltd.com

Phone: 07730 592 669

“Happiest when talking about cricket, tennis or the demise of Leeds United.”

Seb has been with B&CO since 2019 and has worked on a number of our landmark development schemes across the business. A chartered member of the RICS, Seb’s most recent success is his ongoing involvement in the restoration of the landmark Arding & Hobbs development in Clapham Junction, and is due to oversee the completion of the works towards the end of 2023. Seb has taken a leading role in B&CO’s ISO accreditation drive and B Corp progress.

Email: seb@blackburnltd.com

Phone: 07592 780 182


Strength lies in our differences, not in our similarities.

Teni joined B&CO in 2023 as a Project Manager with over 5 years’ experience in the construction industry, with a background of working both contractor and client side.

Having studied Construction Management at Loughborough University, Teni is now working towards her CIOB accreditation, and is actively involved in B&CO’s University engagement strategy.

Email: teni@blackburnltd.com

Phone: 07553 490 440

Whatever you do, always give 100%. Unless you're donating blood.

Jonny joined B&CO in 2020 from Avison Young where he achieved his chartership with the RICS in 2018.

Having started his construction career in South Africa, Jonny then worked in Kuwait, prior to moving to London. Jonny prides himself on the relationships he builds with the project team to foster strong team collaboration. He has led the delivery on schemes for clients including Fora workplace, W.RE and BEAM.

Email: jonny@blackburnltd.com

Phone: 07497 141 293


Either you run the day or the day runs you.

Emily joined B&CO as a Project Coordinator in 2021, and now plays a fundamental support role for the project management team, ensuring that daily project operations for the team run smoothly and efficiently.

Having previously worked at Hollis, Emily is now involved across a broad range of projects at B&CO, for clients including Derwent London, GPE and W.RE, as well as taking a leading role on the internal development and QC of all project tools and literature.

Email: emily@blackburnltd.com

Phone: 07500 339 217

“I’m a peacock captain, you’ve got to let me fly!”

Neil joined B&CO in 2021 having previously worked as a Project Manager for a mechanical and electrical subcontractor. With many transferable skills, Neil brings a wealth of knowledge from his previous role that are now deployed in his day-to-day work as a consultant side Project Manager.

Neil has now delivered a number of schemes for clients including GPE and Landsec, and is currently working on his AssocRICS accreditation with B&CO.

Email: neil@blackburnltd.com

Phone: 07717 024 839

The best way to get a project done faster is to start sooner!

Lois joined the B&CO team in 2023 as a Project Coordinator who has since worked on several of our most complex projects across London, including the redevelopment of the ex-Debenhams flagship store at 334 Oxford Street.

As an aspiring Project Manager, Lois is working towards her MAPM accreditation.

Email: lois@blackburnltd.com

Phone: 07415 130 551

“The nature of construction fuels a sense of constant challenge and growth, pushing professionals to explore new solutions to the issues that arise. I enjoy tackling the problems that each project can present and count myself lucky to be working in such a dynamic industry.”

Ollie has been working in the construction industry for 10 years, and joined B&CO as a Project Manager in 2022. Prior to joining Ollie worked as a Project Manager for a mechanical and electrical contractor; building and managing projects on site has provided him with a solid understanding of how to successfully deliver a construction project.

Ollie has recently obtained an MSc in Quantity Surveying with distinction from Salford University, and is working towards his RICS accreditation.

Email: ollie@blackburnltd.com

Phone: 07525 157 759

“A golf obsessed, sausage dog-dad who unfortunately supports Spurs.”

Louis joined B&CO in 2022 having previously worked in fit-out contracting, having studied Construction Management at Nottingham Trent University, Louis now works on a variety of schemes including our 334 Oxford Street development and 199 Bishopsgate project, and he is currently working towards his RICS accreditation

Email: louis@blackburnltd.com

Phone: 07988 029 017

Live your life so that at the end you’ll be able to look back knowing you did the right thing each day.

Mark has been fortunate enough to work as a Contractor and Project Manager across various sectors in both the UK and Middle East before joining B&CO as a Director in 2023. He has previously enjoyed long spells at companies including Cushman & Wakefield, Buro Four and Skanska.

Mark maintains a keen interest in the welfare of individuals and teams around him, leading internally on B&CO’s people policies, HR and Training.

Email: mark@blackburnltd.com

Phone: 07747 765 635

“A Welshman working on some of the most exciting projects in London.”

Owen joined B&CO in 2022 having previously worked at Construction firm Vinci, working on the Pears Maudsley Centre for Children and Young People’s Mental Health in South London.

Having studied Construction Management at the University of Reading, Owen is now working towards his RICS accreditation, and is actively involved in student engagement for B&CO.

Email: owen@blackburnltd.com

Phone: 07712 738 727

“Dream big, stay positive, work hard and enjoy the journey.”

Rob joined B&CO in 2021 having started his construction career in South Africa. Rob studied Construction Management at the University of Witwatersrand, and achieved his MRICS with B&CO back in 2022.

Rob is an organised professional, leveraging project management and planning skills to drive cross team collaboration in planning and executing on multiple projects. He is currently working across a number of development and fit-out schemes for clients such as BentallGreenOak, Derwent London and W.RE.

Email: rob@blackburnltd.com

Phone: 07766 372 753

Proud to be playing a small part shaping the built environment within the city I love.

An Associate at B&CO, and chartered Quantity Surveyor, Kris joined the team in 2022 having worked alongside B&CO for many years in his previous role as a Cost Consultant at T&T/Alinea. Throughout that time Kris has overseen the delivery of several complex, high-profile projects across a range of sectors – consistently providing a fastidious service to all clients he has worked with.

Email: kris@blackburnltd.com

Phone: 07944 057 148 


“Being a project manager is like being the lead singer of a rock band. We wrangle diverse talents, keep everyone on beat, and occasionally throw in a few epic guitar solos.”

Cameron is an RICS accredited Senior Project Manager, who has worked at both contractor and consultancy positions across a variety of sectors including Commercial, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Education and Automotive. 

His diverse background assists significantly with effective stakeholder management and the ability to develop strong relationships at all levels. His strong communication skills and flexible approach enable him to decipher individual client needs, articulate concise requirements and manage the achievement of objectives within specific project constraints.

Email: cameron@blackburnltd.com

Phone: 07824 331 929

Mastering the art of office management: knowing exactly when to boil the kettle and bring out the snacks, because productivity runs on a well-fed, happy team!

Ellie joined us in 2023 as our Office Manager, and is tasked with ensuring the office runs as a well oiled machine. Since joining the business she has assisted administratively across multiple different projects, as well as developing our Social Media, and introducing the team to a few fun office activities like 3@3 – where we all choose 3 songs to play at 3pm every Friday – B&CO’s own little radio station.

Email: ellie@blackburnltd.com

Phone: 07469 192 976

“As a project manager, I strive to be the glue that holds everything together, ensuring smooth coordination and seamless execution of every detail.”

Liam was the first Apprentice Project Manager employed by B&CO. As well as studying one day per week, Liam has been actively involved across most of our on site projects, assisting with documenting live progress and leading on our OpenSpace capture tool.

Email: liam@blackburnltd.com

Phone: 07859 766 313

“Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.”

Harry joined B&CO in 2023 as the second member of our apprenticeship programme and is looking forward to working on the vast selection of exciting projects we have all over London.

Harry is eager to learn and is studying part-time as he works towards his AssocRICS accreditation, with a desire to be fully qualified in the future.

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