Project Management and Consulting


is more than just giving advice


We are surveyors by trade, but what we want to be is your advisors, project managers and consultants on your journey towards building commercial space that is beautiful, functional and evokes the right emotions in everyone who spends time in it.




Meet Our Team

We’ve created a company where people do great work and build meaningful careers.  With opportunities aplenty, we’re proud of our high staff retention rate.




In a complex industry our mission is to bring clarity to every client we serve


Turning great visions into projects since 2009 – we started as a small but dedicated company 14 years ago and we’ve grown organically ever since. Today we serve more than 50 great clients from all over the world. 



Build a new chapter in your career – join our close knit team to start building your own success story.

Our Commitment

Better buildings start with B&CO sustainability is a key driver throughout our business model.